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Faucets Kitchen 0330

The present collection is the result of the efforts of artisans and designers who are at a high level in terms of metallurgical and industrial principles, and special care and thought have been used in its design to cover all tastes in the field of design.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms have always been one of the places that have had a significant contribution to the beauty and design of buildings, and for this reason, they have been receiving the attention of designers for a long time. In today’s world, kitchen equipment, faucets and even other tiles have gone out of the purely functional aspect and have taken on a decorative and decorative aspect.

This collection can be used and coordinated with all kinds of classic and modern decors. The quality of gold, silver and rose gold plating is high and has a very high stability (except for the cases that have direct contact with acidic detergents such as salt ink).

It is hoped that we will play a small role in making your life and place of residence more beautiful and quality

  • Leak Proof
  • Reduce Consumption
  • Silent
  • Durable
  • Quality Control
  • Quick Installation
  • Simple Cleaning
  • After-Sales Services
  • Lasting Beauty
  • Anti-Sedimentation
  • Ease of lever movement
  • Eco-Friendly

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Golden, Silver



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