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Negarestan Industrial Group

Combining art and craft

Negar Gostar Javid company was established under the brand name of Negarestan (Kashi Negarestan) in 1371, relying on the knowledge, experience and capital of the board of directors to provide all production, commercial, service, import and export services and in order to maintain and improve the quality of products and services. He has succeeded in obtaining the ISO9001 certificate, developing and obtaining the 17010 decorative tile standard, and obtaining the ISO14000 and ISO18000 certificates.

One of the actions and honors of this collection is the effort to establish Pakht Som Association and getting the position of the chairman of its board of directors, the establishment of the standard reference laboratory for decorative tiles in Iran, as well as the publication of the important and specialized magazine Pakht Som (as the owner of the magazine). Negarestan Group announces its readiness to design, produce and implement various projects in the field of decorative tiles and ceramics. It is hoped that we can be diligent in advancing the high goals of the parties with constructive cooperation.

Guarantee of Products

For your peace of mind, all products include a factory warranty. Apply for warranty if necessary

Here you can see a summary of the warranty details of Nagaristan’s decorative tile products….

Nano Structure

Anti Scratch

Anti Acid

Anti Bacterial

Anti Spot


(Exact size without Edge)

We export all over the world

Negarestan is a producer of decorative tiles and ceramics with more than 3 decades of brilliant activity, not only in our country but also internationally. Our services and products are known in many countries and we export to more than 15 different countries…

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Image and Video Gallery of Our Attractive Works and Projects

The change in the taste of consumers has always led to progress and innovation in this industry. The visions we envision for our customers is the creation of exquisite and unique tiles that are used in today’s structures in the world of architecture. Designs that make the minds of architects more complicated to create a space by maintaining superior quality and attractiveness…

Manufactured Products

With more than 3 decades of experience and technical expertise, with the presence of committed engineers with the aim of value creation and job creation, we have always tried to be a reliable brand in the domestic and international markets and fulfill our mission. among other industries.

Commercial Products

In addition to maintaining the credibility and trust of our customers, we consider it our mission to complete their product shopping basket; Products that are not manufactured but are outsourced with the desired quality indicators and are supplied with the same warranty as the company’s manufactured products.

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